Conference 2012

Revolution, participation & discourse between digital and urban public spaces

A conference from die urbanauten and the Ev. Akademie Tutzing

Date: 23. – 25.3.2012
Place: Ev. Akademie Tutzing near Munich

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Closing date: 16. March 2012


Over the last two years many urban protests have taken place in various major cities all over the world. Orient and Occident. People in Tehran, Tunis, Cairo, Benghazi and other cities in the Arab region. Also in the West, in Tel Aviv, Madrid, London, Athens and New York City, citizens reclaimed the streets in order to rebel against existing structures and propose a different future.

Ideas, visions, strategies and tactics – developed and spread via blogs, Facebook, Twitter and other social media – do not become visible for the wider public until they appear in the public spaces of the city. Tahrir Square, Zuccotti Park, Stuttgarter Schlossgarten – specific streets, squares and other public spaces in the cities are becoming symbols of entire movements.

It is impossible to think about the future of the city, urban society and public space without considering that urban and digital spaces are interfering with each other more and more. A new space is developing, which we would like to call the „public space inbetween“. It is not only the people that try to claim this new space „bottom up”. There are also “top down” strategies from municipal or city governments and “iniside out” initiatives from large companies.

How does the „Internet in your pocket“ and social media change political, cultural and economic power structures in the city? What role do specific public spaces in our cities play? How can participation and social commitment be developed and improved upon through digital media? What impact might this have on the discourse surrounding the development of urban society? Is there a „global, digital-urban civil society“ and a newly rediscovered, political, public space arising?

During our first conference last year, “Die Vermessung des Urbanen #3”, we began to tackle these issues of the “public space inbetween“. At the same time, the events came thick and fast in Tunisia. The so-called Jasmine Revolution was the catalyst for the „Arab Spring“. A few months later, hundreds of people occupied New York’s Zuccotti Park in the name of “Occupy Wallstreet”…

Global events like these, but also local occasions and developments such as the protests against “Stuttgart 21” or the prohibition of the Flashmob “Stehen – Damit es weiter geht” in Munich, are reasons enough to organise this conference “Revolution in the space inbetween”. Practitioners  and theorists will analyse the new forms of protest, participation and discourse production in the „public space inbetween“.

What do we think the public space is? What images do we have in mind? And what are the opportunities and challenges of the new digital-urban space? There are two possibilities to discuss these topics in advance of the conference: on Facebook in the group „Revolution in the space in-between“, or on our blog. Post messages, images and opinions.



Friday, 23. March 2012

Arrival from 14.00 h

15.30 h Tea & Chat

16.00 h Welcome
Dr. Ulrike Haerendel / Anja Junghans & Benjamin David
Greeting Speech: Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers

First Look

16.30 h
Stadtluft macht frei! Urbaner Protest im öffentlichen Raum von 1848 bis 2012 [Stadtluft macht frei! Urban protest in public spaces from 1848 to 2012]
Siegfried Benker

Urbaner Protest im öffentlichen Raum in Zeiten der digitalisierten Stadt von 2012 bis 2048 [Urban protest in public spaces in times of digitalised cities from 2012 to 2048]
Anne Roth

18.00 h Dinner


19.30 h
Stuttgart 21. München 22?
Dieter Janecek

19.45 h
Revolution im öffentlichen Zwischenraum [Revolution in the public space inbetween]
Fireside Chat with Siegfried Benker, Benjamin David, Gerhard Gross, Stefan Höffken, Dieter Janecek, Anne Roth

Moderation: Sandra Zistl

Afterwards: Drinks and socialising

Saturday, 24. March 2012

08.00 h Morning Walk

Revolution in the space inbetween: BOTTOM UP

09.00 h
Tunis, Kairo, Bengasi, Damaskus.
Zivilgesellschaft und Revolution in den Städten des Orients
[Tunis, Kairo, Bengasi, Damascus. Civil society and revolution in the cities of the orient]
Hannah Wettig

Tahrir 2011, Mediatisierte Räume, „Akteur-Netzwerke“.
Vom digitalen zum realen Raum
[Tahrir 2011, Mediatised Worlds, Actor-Networks. From Digital to Real Space.]
Rania Gaafar

10.30 h Tea & Chat

11.00 h
Stuttgart, New York, Tel Aviv, London.
Aktuelle soziale Bewegungen in den Städten des Okzidents
[Stuttgart, New York, Tel Aviv, London. Current social movements in the cities of the occident]
Prof. Dr. (em.) Dieter Rucht

Comment: Conrad R. Tribble
Afterwards: discussion with the audience

12.30 h Lunch

Revolution in the space inbetween: TOP DOWN

14.00 h
Digitale Verwaltungsöffnung für München
[MOGDY. Open government for Munich]
Thomas Pfeiffer

Crowdfundingplattform für Hamburg
[NORDSTARTER. A crowdfunding platform for Hamburg]
Anna Theil & Denis Bartelt

Comment: Nikolaus Gradl
Afterwards: discussion with the audience

16.00 h Tea & Chat

Revolution in the space inbetween: INSIDE OUT

16.30 h
The Crystal. A Sustainable Cities Initiative by SIEMENS
Stefan Denig & Stefan Schröder

IBM Smarter Cities Challenge
Peter Kusterer

Comment: Juliane Pegels
Afterwards: discussion with the audience

18.30 Uhr Abendessen

The special-guest lecture

19.30 h
Dramaturgie der Straße: Bringing down a dictator
Slobodan Djinovic (in english)

Moderation: Richard Gutjahr

Afterwards: Drinks and socialising

Sonntag, 25. März 2012

09.00 h Morgenandacht in der Schlosskapelle

09.30 h
Da kann ja jeder kommen. Über die Amateurisierung der Welt
[Da kann ja jeder kommen. The Democratization and Amateurisation of the world]
Dirk von Gehlen

Discussion and Outlook

11.00 h
Der öffentliche Zwischenraum. Chancen und Risiken von urbanem Protest und neuer Teilhabe im „digitalisierten München“
[The public space inbetween. Opportunities and risks of urban protest and participation in the new „digitalised Munich“]
Wilfried Blume-Beyerle, Ulrike Bührlen, Dirk von Gehlen, Patrick Gruban, Oliver Kost, Christa Müller

Moderation: Birgit Frank

12.30 h End-of-conference / lunch



  • Denis Bartelt, Software Developer & CEO of Startnext, Dresden
  • Siegfried Benker, City Councillor Munich (Bündnis 90/Die Grünen),
  • Dr. Wilfried Blume-Beyerle, District Administration Officer for the City of Munich
  • Ulrike Bührlen, Dipl.-Geographer, die urbanauten, Munich
  • Benjamin David, Dipl.-Geographer, die urbanauten, Munich
  • Stefan Denig, Siemens AG, Munich/ London
  • Slobodan Djinovic, Co-founder of Otpor und CANVAS, Belgrade
  • Karsten Drohsel, Editor & Author of, Berlin
  • Birgit Frank, Journalist, Zündfunk/Bayern 2, Munich
  • Rania Gafaar, Research Assistant, University of Arts and Design Karlsruhe
  • Dirk von Gehlen, Editor-in-Chief of, Munich
  • Nikolaus Gradl, City Councillor (SPD), Munich
  • Patrick Gruban, Information Architect and Organiser of the Nerd Nite Munich, Munich
  • Gerhard Gross, Dipl.-Ing., City Planner, Munich
  • Richard Gutjahr, Journalist, Blogger und Freelance Editor for the editorship of the “Bayerischen Fernsehens”, Munich
  • Stefan Höffken, Co-founder, editor and author of, Berlin/ Kaiserslautern
  • Dieter Janecek, Leader of the party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Bavaria, Munich
  • Anja Junghans, Cultural Scientist, die urbanauten, Munich
  • Oliver Kost, Organisator of the Flashmobs “Stehen – Damit es weiter geht” in Munich, Munich
  • Dr. Hans-Georg Küppers, Head of the Department of Culture and Arts Munich
  • Peter Kusterer, IBM Germany, Ehingen
  • Dr. Christa Müller, Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis, Munich
  • Dr. Juliane Pegels, Dr.-Ing. MSUP,, Essen
  • Thomas Pfeiffer, Dipl.-Pädagoge, Software Developer and Author,
  • Anne Roth, Journalist, Blogger and Co-founder of, Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. (em.) Dieter Rucht, Social Scientist, Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin für Sozialforschung (WZB), Berlin
  • Stefan Schröder, Siemens AG, Munich
  • Zehra Spindler, Peurto Giesing/Art Babel, Munich
  • Anna Theil, Communication Scientist, Startnext, Dresden
  • Conrad R. Tribble, US Consul General, Munich
  • Hannah Wettig, Journalist and Author, Berlin
  • Sandra Zistl, Political Scientist and Journalist, Munich

  • Live-Blogging / Documentation: Stefan Höffken & Karsten Michael Drohsel
  • Live-Facebook: Zehra Spindler



Kulturreferat der LH München, Allianz Kulturstiftung, Stiftungsgemeinschaft anstiftung & ertomis, Petra-Kelly-Stiftung, Münchner Forum e.V., Corso Leopold e.V., CAD Solutions Martin Schnitzer – Graphisoft Center München, Telefonica


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